Barn Doors “The Perfect Room Divider”

Despite their name, barn doors  add another dimension to your interior and have entered into modern houses to become popular interior decor pieces. Barn doors make it easier for you to connect various spaces in your home and they are space savers by not swinging open, wonderful in settings where you want to conceal things but…
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SavvyBuild – Kitchens “the focal point”

Love the greys and timbers together here in this stunning kitchen! Who wouldn't want to spend a lot of time cooking, entertaining and simply just hanging out if you had this space? By demonstrating a combo of matt, gloss and timber elements, this tactile look works so well together. Love the addition of the timber…
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The on trend appealing barn door

Barn doors are well and truly in vogue and lately we have been asked by clients if we can add a barn door somewhere in their new home that we are designing. Despite their name, barn doors can add a contemporary look to your interior and make it easier for you to connect the various…
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