Blue – one of the most popular colours to use in home interior design

There are few things in design that are more important than the use of colour.



Home designBlue........ is one of the most popular colours and creates such a sense of calm & relaxation. Imagine yourself right now laying on your back and looking into a perfectly clear blue cloudless sky - how free  do you feel!
What the colour blue does to a space; it creates a cool and clear look. In interior design, you can use blue to create an atmosphere of work and meditation and it has been shown to lower blood pressure and your heart rate. You can use blue to make a room that is hot feel much cooler.

If you are wanting your kitchen to have the ever popular light stone top with contrasting darker cabinetry, rather than the dramatic black look, dark blue is very popular at present and has much more softness. Beautiful look!

Stunning Home Design - Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinetry

Dark Blue Cabinetry - Eclectic Mood - Image via Pinterest

Blue is a wonderful colour for the bedroom, like no other it will reward you with a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, offering you a comfortable rest and sleep.

Custom colour selection

Stunning blue walls

Be brave with colour - custom home design

Serene blue - so peaceful!

The presence of dark blue and dark timber works very serenely in a living area, you feel like laying down and reading a good book or just simply chilling in the tranquil surrounds.

Be bold with colour

Gorgeous dark blue walls

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