Home Renovation

Home renovation and redecoration is, in many cases, the best emotional and financial option when looking to upgrade your home.

With our many years of experience in the housing industry, we have had the pleasure of working with multiple clients who had purchased an ageing home in a great location or were living in a home they had outgrown, in a street or suburb where their friends, schools and work were close by.

Every one of these families faced the same challenge. They all had a bond with the location of their property, however the home on their block of land no longer met their needs or lifestyle.

These clients all came to us with the same three questions:-

  • What are our options?
  • What can be achieved?
  • Where do we start?

Regardless of whether you are considering a home renovation in Southeast Queensland, the Sunshine Coast or  Mackay - Whitsunday area, to re-work the family home while providing some extra living area, a complete makeover to capture an amazing view with a home renovation, or have a challenging project to create an amazing lifestyle through a modern home renovation, we always begin with an onsite discussion.

During this complimentary detailed discussion, we will identify the re-design features that are important to you, how they can be achieved by working with the existing property, and also the approximate budget that will be necessary for the project.

Working with you and our Queensland interior designer team, in2out design, the process from initial consultation and design concept to move in is almost identical to the SavvyBuild Solutions process we have detailed for the design and construction of a new home on vacant land.

For further information please refer to that page or talk with us through our “Contact” page.

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