Kitchen countertop trends for 2019

Whether you are building a new home or renovating start bringing your kitchen ideas to life. Here is some information to mull over to create the heart of your home with trust and simplicity.


Smartstone Naturale Collection
Semi - Matte Look

We have all seen numerous countertop materials come and go, the favour of brilliant quartz finishes continuing on abundantly as it stays on as our client’s most desirable requested materials speaks for itself. With a great ageless look, quartz is hard wearing and durable as it produces a harder surface – Tip: avoid placing hot pots/pans directly on the top as this may damage the material. Always use a trivet to place hot utensils on 🙂

Scandi - White kitchens are being passed over, some of you will be thinking boo hoo! and as it has been the timeless appeal of an ultra-bright white kitchen, now is the time to be more daring and exhilarating. Bring in some more distinctive hues to create a more memorable kitchen and to give thought to setting a moodier tone in your hub with enticing and dramatic colour to create a difference. The image below shows a dramatic look

Smartstone Statuario Venato
Santorini Collection

Next blog I am going to talk about cabinetry doors and door fixtures, keep your eye on this space!

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