Our focus is to assist you in designing and building your amazing lifestyle home at a truly competitive price.

Let’s get together to answer any questions you might have about our services, including how we provide this service with no additional end cost to you. We need to take a look at your land, discuss site challenges and advantages, identify your budget constraints, and get a clear understanding of the character and lifestyle you are looking to create in your new home.
Working with you, we will progressively create a design for your home that addresses the character and aspect of your building site, the lifestyle you have identified and any specific needs that must be addressed. Our experienced interior designer Robin, at in2out design, will guide you while you select schedules of finish and colour schemes, further enhancing the lifestyle of your new home.
The selection of builders that are invited to tender on the construction of your home is totally your choice. We will extend invitations to the builders you choose, and on their acceptance, prepare and send each builder a set of tender documents including identical sets of plans and specifications.
We have the quotes so let’s compare. While builders must quote on exactly the same plans and specifications we provided, they may offer itemised recommendations or specials in addition to the schedules of finish listed in the tender documents. This allows you, with our assistance, to identify the builder offering the most genuine value.
Time to meet your builder, contract documents are prepared and signed, then once final finance and building approval is in place, construction of your project commences. We will be there for you if at any time you or your builder needs to discuss anything, so during construction you are able to relax and enjoy the experience of watching everything come together.
The construction process is complete, and after a final check to make sure nothing has been overlooked, with the shake of your hand, your builder will present you with the keys to your home.
Time to move in and celebrate a great experience with an amazing result.

CONTACT US NOW to start your stress free design/build journey!

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