Step 4 – Time to pause. How best to get your lifestyle home plan built as you want it stress free.

There are a couple paths you can take from here.

  • Choose a builder and their “standard”, “adjusted” or “designed for you” house plan, knowing that you are then totally committed to that builder, without the advantage of competitive quoting. You also need to be confident the home and inclusions you will end up with will match what you thought you had bought.


  • Choose or design your home with a totally independent professional, nominate your inclusions in your home, have it quoted by local builders of your choice, choose the builder you want based on price + quality + trust, then have someone independent there to hold your hand, right through the building process, just in case you have any concerns, all at no additional end cost.

Choose the path from here carefully to avoid stressing the relationship that is the very reason you are building your new home.



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